Individualized Yoga

Yoga is a whole body experience that helps deeply nourish your being. I first hand have felt the healing powers of yoga. It has helped me sleep better, alleviate pain, be more present and flexible, and live more at ease. It is a great gift to get to share this practice with others.

Are you ready to start or deepen your yoga practice in the privacy of your own home?

Do you want to feel liberated in your body?

Do you want peace of mind as well as a toned body?

There could be any number of reasons that might attract you to yoga, so lets get started!
Working one on one with me will give you the space and time to gain a greater understanding of all the elements of yoga. Group yoga classes can sometimes be daunting, especially if you have never practiced before. Or maybe group classes don’t work in your schedule. In our sessions I can help you:

Build a strong foundation and understanding of the asanas (poses)

Guide you through healing breath work to calm your mind

Center your balance

Lower your anxiety and stress

Feel more grounded and present in your everyday life

Relieve minor aches and pains

My sessions are individualized to work on alignment for your specific body. We will work on flexibility of the mind and body, and incorporate proper modifications for any injuries you might have. I travel to homes, offices, or session can be held at studios around the city for an extra studio fee.
Are you interested in booking a group class? I am available with advanced notice for corporate events, home parties, etc.
To me, yoga goes hand in hand with clean eating and a healthy lifestyle. I offer a discounted rate for sessions when combined with other programs of mine.
Are you ready to feel empowered in your kitchen and with your food choices? Do you want to embark on your wellness journey to discover bliss in your body and life?
Contact me for prices and to set up your initial consultation.