Smoup™ Digestion Cleanse

Are you feeling digestively sluggish? Physically exhausted? Maybe you are experience symptoms of brain fog and lethargy. Are the seasons changing? Maybe your body is showing you some signs that it needs a nice detox from the previous season. Or maybe you just want a little kickstart to a new clean eating regime you are implementing into your life. Whatever it may be, this program is designed to:

Heal your gut lining

Flush out toxins

Eliminate built up waste in your system

Saturate the body with essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes

Give your digestive tract a break to rejuvenate and therefore boost your digestive strength

Enhance your healthy gut flora

Boost your energy

So, what is a SMOUP Digestion Cleanse?

3, 5 or 7 day SMOUP programs consist of 1 medicinal smoothie in the morning, and 2 healing soups for lunch and dinner. The smoothies and soups are blended so the meal can more easily move through your digestive tract. This allows your tract a mini vacation from the daily work it does to break down your food. Because the meals are all blended, they are predigested and therefore the body can spend less energy on digesting, and more on absorbing the nutrients.
The soups are made with my homemade bone broth with grass-fed and pasture raised bones, filtered water, healing organic herbs and vegetables, and organic spices. I simmer my broths for at least 24 hours to extract the most potency from the bones. With all the fiber still intact, this cleanse won’t leave you “hangry” and unsatisfied. All soups and smoothies contain different ingredients and flavor profiles that nourish you and feed your soul as well. I use a lot of fermented ingredients in the cleanse as well to boost the production of healthy gut bacteria. Bye bye fruity juice cleanses… Hello, smoup nourishment and a happy belly.
Why Bone Broth? Bone broth is a longevity staple and healing tradition in many countries all over the world. The gelatin in bone broth helps heal holes in the gut lining, and has worked miracles for people suffering from digestive issues like leaky gut syndrome and constipation. Bone broth is a rich source of collagen, so it is amazing for your skin and hair. It supports your immune system due to its high mineral content, and has also been proven to help aid sleep and memory. Probably the most prevalent health benefit of bone broth is its ability to help support our bones. The magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus help make our bones stronger. SMOUPS can be made vegetarian with homemade vegetable and seaweed broths as well.
I am 100% dedicated to organic, pesticide free produce, and choose local/seasonal ingredients when possible. I use only organic herbs and spices as well. I personalize each cleanse I deliver to tailor to specific dietary restrictions and needs, and vegetable/spice preferences.
The smoothies include superfood supplements and raw apple cider vinegar (probiotic). They are not your traditional “sweet” fruit smoothie. These are designed to move things through your system by incorporating such ingredients as aloe vera (mild laxative), parsley (blood purifier) , ginger (digestive aid), etc. They are 90% vegetables, 10% fruit. They truly get things moving and help if you have been feeling stopped up.
SMOUP Details

Smoups are currently only being produced in the NYC metro area. Email for details and to schedule your smoup in advance for a week that works for you.

3 days are delivered in 1 package. 5 and 7 day programs are delivered in 2 packages.

Depending on your area, packages are hand delivered to your home or work at a time that is convenient for you. If you are too far outside the area, then a pickup location will be set in the NYC metro area for you to come retrieve.

Each smoothie and soup comes with an ingredient list and a few starred ingredients to explain their medicinal value. Food education is power, lets learn a little while we soothe our systems and revitalize our lives.

Avoid a microwave if you can and reheat on the stovetop.

Drink as much water and if you can at night yogi detox tea. Warm water with lemon in the morning before your smoothie helps get your digestion moving as well.

How to maximize the benefits of this Digestion Reset Cleanse
As stated above, this cleanse is designed to get the “junk” out of your system. Therefore, it is best to ease in and out of the cleanse with a clean eating plan to maximize its benefits. By eliminating the unhealthy culprits in your life pre-cleanse, it will help you not crave them as much during and after.

Suggestions for pre-cleanse:

Avoid all processed and packaged food for 3-5 days

Try to avoid dairy for at least 2-3 days (dairy can cause inflammation in some peoples systems which can lead to constipation)

Limit your gluten and carbohydrates for 2-3 days pre-cleanse (this is beneficial so you don’t experience as extreme detox symptoms on the cleanse)

Try to consume only organic produce and meat to reduce your exposure to chemicals for 4-5 days

Avoid caffeine for 2-3 days if you plan to not consume any during the cleanse (caffeine is okay for some people while cleansing, but this cleanse is designed to really get things moving through your system so it may cause you to feel jittery or light headed. I know that caffeine is a personal vice that is hard to give up for a lot of people, so If you drink coffee on the cleanse, please drink a ton of water before and after to help rehydrate your system)

Avoid Alcohol for 3-4 days

Drink lots of water to help hydrate your system

During Cleanse:

Drink warm water with lemon in the morning before your smoothie to help get your digestion moving

If you are experiencing hunger on the cleanse, do not starve yourself!! This is not the point of this cleanse. (supplement by adding a little organic cooked quinoa to a soup, add a handful of raw nuts on top of a soup, or eat half an avocado)

Organic kombucha is another great beverage to consume on the cleanse as it is loaded with good bacteria for your gut

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Suggestions for After the Cleanse:

Avoid all processed foods and enjoy only whole foods (organic fruit and veggies, lean grass-fed/pasture raised proteins, or white caught fish) for a week and hopefully beyond

I’d recommend avoiding dairy and gluten as well for at least 2-3 more days to help ensure your digestive tract has time to adjust to all the nutrients it just consumed

Continue hydrating and avoid Alcohol for at least 2-3 days

**Before you cleanse think about what you want to change in your current diet, and post-cleanse really try to implement it into your routine. Your body will be ready for it!

Please consult your doctor prior to starting a cleanse if you have any health conditions or are nursing or pregnant to determine if this is a healthy choice for you. While cleansing you may expect your energy levels to feel a little down as your body is probably used to having carbs and more calories. You may experience some “detox” symptoms, so treat your body kindly and take this week to rest a bit. You may feel a bit malnourished and/or weak on the cleanse depending on your current eating habits, so if you are feeling anything too extreme please listen to your body and stop, or add in a supplement if needed.
Are you ready to feel rejuvenated? Sign up for a Smoup reset and let the magic of clean eating heal you from the inside out.
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