Hello, I am Katie Ulrich. I am an avid foodie with a passion for helping others feel empowered in their kitchen and in their bodies. My days of over indulging are behind me and have been replaced with balance and ease with food. I have made my body my happy place, and I want this for you! No more counting calories, no more restricting, no more self sabotage. You deserve to eat well and feel good about your food choices. Some education, a few kitchen skills, and some self love might be all you need to become the best version of yourself.
Back in my late teens and early twenties I was completely lost and unhappy with my body. I tried any and all fad diets and took medications to try and get rid of my acne. Nothing worked. All it did was take the joy out of eating by making me think of food mathematically, calculating every calorie and shaming myself if I went over my daily limit. I felt food was hurting me rather than bringing me life. We must eat to survive, so I knew something had to change mentally for me so I could feel grateful and replenished by food, not lethargic and guilty.
My first step to recovery was finding yoga and centering my body and mind. It taught me how to tune in and listen to my bodies cues and get out of my head. I found a practice of deep self love and began to praise my bodies flaws rather than nit pick at them all the time. I hold my 200 hour yoga certification from Yandara Yoga Institute, and practice and teach everyday. I started to find harmony in my life and began enjoying food again. I ditched all diets and restrictions I had placed on myself, and shifted my lifestyle. The key to my success was letting my body tell me what to eat. I stopped feeling guilty when I had cravings for heavier foods, and allowed myself my occasional indulgence without fear because I knew my day to day routine was wholesome and healing. My energy changed, my skin started to clear up, and my excess weight disappeared, all while I was eating bread again!
I have always been a home cook and loved seeing what I could create with my own two hands. Getting creative in the kitchen with healthy, healing foods made me feel empowered and in control. I soon realized this passion for kitchen alchemy was a path I couldn’t resist following. Cooking for others and seeing them light up inside from a euphoric foodie experience is a joy beyond words. My goal is to teach and show people that healthy foods are not boring or flavorless, but the exact opposite. Natures candy can heal you rather than weigh you down, and still give you the comfort that we all naturally crave.
Are you ready to transform your lifestyle and clean up your diet and kitchen? My programs are expertly designed to help any individual seeking peace with food and their body. I am a certified holistic health coach and natural food chef who studied at the Academy of Healing Nutrition under some of the worlds most knowledgeable healers. Mind precedes body, and the first step in your healing process is learning to tune into your body and listen to what it is telling you. You wouldn’t be here if your body wasn’t giving you signs that something is off. I can help show you how to treat your symptoms naturally with foods and herbs instead of reaching for a pill.
As a health coach, I don’t believe in restriction and don’t expect you to be perfect. I believe you need to live your life to the fullest and that involves chocolate chip cookies from time to time. A healthy tool set to fall back on is key, and thats where I come in. I am here to help educate you about how food heals you from the inside out. Your kitchen can be your pharmacy, you just need to learn a few skills. Lets work together to combat your ailments, shift your lifestyle, heal your relationship with food, and make your world as vibrant as can be.

My approach is simple… Food + Body+ Enlightenment = Bliss.

Are you ready to feel empowered in your kitchen and with your food choices? Do you want to embark on your wellness journey to discover bliss in your body and life?
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